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Routine and Preventative Procedures:

Health checks
Flea and worming advice
Behavioural advice
Breeding information
Dietary assessment  
Cat, dog and rabbit neutering 
Pet Passports
Pet Cremation - including individual cremation on request

Clinical Services:

This is the study of the heart. Our ultrasound machine enables us to look at the heart's internal structure and function. We also have a X-ray machine to visualise the size of the heart and surrounding structures. This means we can diagnose a range of common heart problems.

Good oral hygiene is imperitive not just in humans but in dogs and cats too. At McGettigans we have all the equipment needed for cat and dog dental treatments from a routine scale and polish to tooth extractions. Making sure your pet only has clean healthy teeth can make a huge difference to their welfare.

This is the study of the skin. There are many different skin diseases and we have in-house facilities to do a range of dermatological tests. This means we can give you results almost straight away. If there is a lesion that we are unable to identify we can perform a biopsy to send to a specialised labratory for analysis.

Endocrinology is the study of hormones. Hormones can affect different organs all over the body to produce signs such as lethargy, weight gain or loss and excessive drinking or eating. To diagnose endrocrinological disorders blood tests are often needed, which are sent off to specialist laboratories for analysis.

Diseases of the digestive system often cause signs such as retching, vomiting or diahorrea. Whilst many resolve with simple treatments and a bland diet, these can be complicated diseases in which may require in house ultrasound or X-ray examination.

This is the study of the nervous system, including the brain, spine and peripheral nerves. Some neurological conditions can be diagnosed from physical examination or radiography. However others require magnetic resonance imaging, better known as MRI. These machines are only available in specialist practices but we will happily arrange referral for you if needed.

Oncology is the study of cancer. Masses may be identified manually, on ultrasound or X-ray, or through surgery. We can perform a biopsy of any mass to send away for professional grading and staging. This will enable us to create a treatment plan individually tailored to your pet's requirements.

This is the study of the eye. The ophthalmoscopes in our consult rooms allow us to examine the complex structures of the outer and inner eye.
Orthopaedics (including on-site services of orthopaedic surgery certificate holder):
Orthopaedics is the study of bones and joints. It includes fracture fixation, ligament repairs, and developmental abnormalities.

Soft Tissue Surgery:
This includes lump removals, stitching-up wounds, caesarean sections, correcting twisted intestines and removing foreign bodies, in addition to routine neuterings.

This is the study of the urinary system. This is usually visualised at the practice using ultrasound. We will also do a urinalysis to measure the amount of glucose, protiens and other things in your pets urine. Your pet drinking more may be an indication of urinary, hormonal or other disease.